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Tiramisu - Easy Royal Dessert for Your Dinner Table

Once you make this Tiramisu, the main dish on your table will change its role!

This non-traditional recipe of Tiramisu is true to the translation "cheer me up".

Ingredients: 300g Mascarpone Cheese

200g Fresh Cream (30% or higher fat)

200g Ladyfinger Biscuits

A Pinch of Salt

90gm Icing Sugar

5g Gelatine (alternatives - agar agar, cream of tartar, china grass)

1 Cup Espresso

1 Cup Kahlúa (Coffee Liqueur) or Dark Rum (Optional - can leave out if you wish to make it non-alcoholic)

Cocoa Powder to dust


Step 1 - Combine mascarpone cheese, fresh cream, and salt in a bowl and whisk them together using either a stand mixer or a hand mixer.

Step 2 - Slowly add in your icing sugar as you whisk them all together.

Step 3 - Once it is all well combined, add the gelatine liquid mix to the bowl and continue to whisk till it is all well combined. Your cream cheese mixture is ready. Keep it aside for now.

Step 4 - Prepare a medium sized and relatively flat bowl (glass will help with presentation).

Step 5 - Place your first layer of ladyfinger biscuits, use a teaspoon to pour some espresso and kahlúa over them, then cover them completely with a layer of your cream cheese mixture.

Step 6 - Repeat step 5 till you have upto 2 or 3 layers of ladyfinger biscuits and cream cheese mixture - depending on the size of your bowl.

Step 7 - Cover your bowl with some aluminium foil, or a lid, if it has one, and chill in the fridge (NOT the freezer) for at least 4 to 6 hours.

Step 8 - After chilling for some hours, dust cocoa powder over the top, and your Tiramisu is ready to serve!

Watch the full video here:

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