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Extra Special
Christmas Plum Cake

Try our extra special Christmas plum cake baked to perfection with lots and lots of dried fruits soaked in the legendary old monk rum! Need something customized? Fear not! We can make non-alcoholic and eggless versions too! Sign up through the form below :) 

Price: Rs. 800/- (Rs.1000/-) 

Extra Special Christmas Plum Cake Sign Up Form

Pre-orders will be available for pickup / shipping starting Dec 20th, however if you'd like yours sooner, let us know! :)

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Thanks for expressing interest. Our team will be in touch with you shortly to confirm your order.


The anatomy of our Plum Cake

Our plum cake is best described as dried fruits with cake! As you can see in the image of a slice, our plum cake is loaded with lots of dried fruits and is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds with every bite! What's more! There are no artificial flavours at all - it's all real spices in there giving you that extra zing!

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